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We only use quality components and fabrics in all our blinds ensuring you have a blind that’s going to look good and last for several years. However, everything needs maintaining and blinds are no exception.
Please see our cleaning tips relevant to your blind type.


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Cleaning your Blinds

To ensure your blinds stay looking their best for many years to come follow the straightforward cleaning instructions below.


Tips and Advice

Follow our tips and advice to ensure your blinds look their best for years to come.



Cleaning your Blinds

Cleaning guidance for Vertical Blinds

Before removing the louvres from the headrail, unclip the chain at the bottom of the louvre and slide out the weights.

Unhook the louvres from the headrail.

Using a mild detergent, clean each louvre by wiping from top to bottom with a slightly damp soft cloth. Don’t press too hard and don’t rub the louvre.

Hang the louvres to drip-dry – they should not be hung in direct sunlight.

Replace the weights while the blind is drying.

Do not tumble dry. Do not iron.

Hang the louvres on the headrail and replace the weights and chain.

Cleaning guidance for Roller Blinds

If the blinds are especially dirty, it will be best to begin with a thorough vacuuming to remove the surface dirt.

Remove the blinds from the roller and carefully lay them flat on the floor.

Use the brush attachment on the vacuum to gently brush over the surface and vacuum away any loose dirt, dead bugs, etc.

Next, fill the bathtub about half full of warm water.

Add some laundry detergent to the water and mix together until a few suds begin to form on the surface. If the blinds are white, a small amount of bleach can be added to the water as well.

Next, carefully lay the blinds in the tub. If the blinds are long, it is okay to loosely layer them in an accordion fashion.

Allow them to soak in the soapy water for a couple of hours.

Next, start at one end of the blinds and gently wipe them back and forth with a soft cloth or sponge. This will help remove any remaining dirt and/or stains.

For tough stains, scrub them gently with an old toothbrush.

Fill with clean water and rinse the blinds. Repeat until all of the soap is removed. If soap residue remains on the blinds, it will act as a magnet quickly collecting dirt and dust.

If a partner is available to assist, the blinds can be held up and rinsed with a shower sprayer for quicker soap removal.

Lay the blinds over a drying rack or outside on a clothesline until they’ve dried completely.

Attach them back onto the roller and reinstall them over the window.

Cleaning guidance for Venetian Blinds

Your Venetians simply need to be dusted.

Use a Feather Duster, a damp cloth or vacuum cleaner with a soft brush attachment.

Care should be taken not to bend the slats while cleaning.

If your blind becomes very dirty, use a damp cloth with clean water. Dry thoroughly.

Anti-Static cleaning cloths are suitable.

Cleaning guidance for Pleated Blinds

Pleated blinds simply need to be dusted using an Ostrich Feather Duster or carefully vacuumed. Be careful not to damage the pleats by pressing too hard.

WARNING: In the interest of safety, it is advisable to keep all pull cords and chain/bead cords out of the reach of children.


Tips and Advice

Vertical Blind Tips and Advice

The side chain operates the angle of the louvres.

The cord opens and closes the blind.

Pull gently on either to create your desired effect.

Do not use the cord to open and close the blinds unless the louvres are in the fully open position.

If one of your louvres is out of alignment, pull the control chain until they are all closed and then pull the control chain until the louvres are in alignment. When aligning you will experience some resistance until the misaligned louvre is back in place.

A silicon-based furniture polish inside the headrail will ensure the louvres glide smoothly.

Venetian Blind Tips and Advice

The cord on the Venetian operates the height of the blind.

The wand/cord operates the angle of the slats.

To raise the blind pull the cord down until the blind reaches your desired height, pull the cord away from the face of the blind to lock it into position.

To lower the blind pull the cord across the face of the blind to release the cord lock and let the cord slide gently through your fingers.

To adjust the angle of the slats, twist the wand or pull the cord until they are at the desired angle.

When raising and lowering, the blinds slats should be in the open position.

Please note: Venetians do not close totally – it is the nature of the product.

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